The following page tries to answer the frequently asked questions by customers prior to booking their day of paintball. If you require any other information visit our contact page for details on how to reach us.

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What safety measures are there?FAQ 01

Each player is equipped with coveralls, padded headover and a full face and ear protected visor (which must be worn everywhere accept in the safe area). Every player is also given a full and instructive talk on Site Safety and gun operation. As an extra safety precaution the guns also come with a barrel plug in order to protect customers from misfiring. In addition all the staff hold first aid qualifications.

How should I dress for a day of paintball?

It is recommended that you wear comfortable and sturdy footwear such as a pair of walking boots or even studded footwear (football boots). Walking trousers/tracksuit pants, ‘T’ Shirt, sweatshirt and a pair of gloves. We provide protective coveralls, however it is advisable to bring a change of clothes.

Does the weather affect paintballing?

For the most part the answer is NO. The game is played throughout the year, in all conditions. The excitement and enjoyment more than compensates for the inclement weather. Many of our customers when returning to play paintball will choose a different time of the year in order to have a different paintballing experience.


What do I do about refreshments during the day?FAQ 02

Refreshments such as tea, coffee, hot chocolate and fruit juice, INCLUDING LUNCH, are provided FREE of charge on the site.

We also sell drinks and snacks.

How many paintballs will I use?

This is a difficult question to answer! The average player would expect to use around 500 paintballs during their paintball experience (this is why many people now go for our bonus £40 offer). However there will be players who will use less than that and others who will use more, the choice is yours! For more information on paintball prices click here to go to the Price List page.


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What is the minimum age for paintballing?

We allow people 12 years and above to play at our site. However we require players under the age of 16 to be accompanied by an adult. The ideal ratio we look to have is one adult per three under 16 players.





Paintball Day Timetable

0930 hours Meet at the rear car park of the Dunkenhalgh Hotel. Here we collect any outstanding money, split you into 2 teams and then head down to the site.
1000 hours At the site disclaimers are signed. Put on protective uniforms, collect your visor, paintballs and weapon. Marshals show how to fill up weapons. Safety brief and a site walk through.
1030 hours Commence first game. For more info on games visit our Games page.
1300 hours After 4 or 5 games. Lunch is served. Meat and Potato Pie with accompaniments . If your group has vegetarian requirements then please let us know.
1345 hours Remaining games of paintball played.
1600 hours After the final game the equipment is collected followed by presentation and prizes.

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