The following page gives an example of just four games that we may play on a typical day of paintball. At Outdoor Action Paintball we always split you into two teams, Camouflage and Green. As a result all games are objective based and points are awarded for kills and completion of these objectives.

Please note, these games are often adapted to the circumstances of the day in order to ensure that you have the best day possible.

The examples below are just a very small taste of the many games we have to offer!

Game grid

 As well as the games above we also play a range of other games throughout the day including:


Capture the Agent |  Helo Extraction  |  Beiruit Bomber

Cheeseburger Hill  |  Multi-flag War  |  President Walk-through

and many more!



We guarantee to play 8 games of paintball during the day. Each game is approximately 15 minutes long with time allotted between games for lunch, refreshments, cleaning of equipment, refilling of guns and discussing of tactics and preparation for the next game.

pb 04

If you have any more questions please do not hesitate to get in touch and speak directly to our marshals who can tailor the day to your specific needs.