We can now cater for up to 150 players. We will put on a paintball event for you at anytime that you wish. The only requirement is light!

To book a day of paintballing we require a minimum of 20 players or the cash equivalent.

If you have a smaller group then please do not hesitate to ring or e-mail us and we we should have no trouble fitting you in with another group.


Map and prices

 If you are going for the standard package it is very unlikely that 100 paintballs will last you all day. Hence, the only further expense is extra paintballs.

Price 02



A pot of 100 paintballs = £6.00

A bag of 500 paintballs = £25.00

So buying 500 paintballs would save you £5

Smoke Grenades-£3.00


For more information on how many paintballs you are likely to go through on a typical day please visit our FAQ page. Additionally if you would like to know more about any of the equipment used at Outdoor Action Paintball please contact us here.


Price 01